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Arm Stone MassageHeated basalt stones and essential oils combined with long, deep massage strokes with warm stones, delivering a deep state of relaxation.                              
50 min.

Integrated Massage TherapyRestore balance and reduce stress with this one-of-a-kind massage that combines a variety of techniques.  In our hands you will relax during this therapeutic approach that uses both relaxation and deeper tissue work to achieve nirvana.  * most popular!        

50/80 min

Reflexology – This ancient Asian massage technique restores the flow of energy throughout the body.  Helps to eliminate toxins, relax the entire body, and stimulate healthy functioning of internal glands and organs.                                   30 min.

Swedish Massage This classic massage improves, circulation, muscle tone and joint flexibility.  Ideal for flushing toxins and loosening tight, tired and stressed muscles. This massage uses only light pressure.
50/80 min.

Neuromuscular TherapyIf freedom from chronic pain is your goal, this treatment is for you.  This unique therapy combines compression and extension movements to increase muscle length.  Relief from pain starts immediately.    50/80 min.           

Upper Body Massage – Concentrated massage treatment on the areas of head, neck, upper and lower back    the areas most clients tell us they hold their stress.                                           
30 min.

Aromatherapy Massage    Take a sensory journey with the therapeutic benefits, both physical and emotional, of pure essential oils.                                                50 min.

Pre-Natal Massage – For the Mom-To-Be.  Relieves the pregnancy-related stressors on the mother’s body including leg cramps, back pain, and swelling          50 min.

Mother’s Little Helper – We didn’t forget what it feels like during the first years after the bundle of joy arrives.  Stress takes a toll on the body.  EXCELLENT for mothers (and dads too) surviving the teen-age years!                                           50/80 min.

Reiki – Natural healing method from Japan that utilizes universal life force energy bringing balance to body, mind and emotions.  A form of laying on of hands and energy work.  Reiki can be combined with a massage for additional benefits. 
A 45 min. treatment or a 60 min. session combined with massage.

Deep Tissue – Not for wimps.  Releasing the tension and breaking up the “knots”.  
50 min.

Sports Massage – Weekend warriors and serious sports enthusiasts benefit from the stretching, massage, and release of lactic acid.  Customized to your work-out activity.                                      
50 min.

Edge of Serenity Delight– A full Integrated Massage session combined with a reflexology treatment.                                                                 
80 min.

East Meets West Massage    Combination of Thai Massage lovingly referred to as “lazy man’s yoga” with Shiatsu, Swedish and Neuromuscular therapy.                
50/80 min.


Because we value the healing touch and stress relief that massage therapy produces, as part of our “Loyalty Rewards Program,” you can  pre-purchase 4 massages, and we give you the 5th massage free!

Client Testimonial:

"Mary Katherine is by far the best massage therapist in the Tri-State area. Formally owning a personal training business and a former competitive power lifter, I consider myself an expert on the body and process which keeps it functioning properly and feeling well. Prior to meeting Mk I was only concerned with building muscle. I didn't stretch or get regular massages and I was in pain. I knew something had to change and I knew massage would be part of the answer. I visited several therapists prior to meeting Mk. They were little help. Upon my first interaction with MK she looked at me and knew I needed a lot of work before even touching! She not only worked out all the kinks, but she said told me what I was lacking in nutrition, gave me a stretching routine to get back to normal. I went from not being able to get up off of the couch to having full range of motion throughout all my joints.

Since then, I have been seeing MK on a monthly basis for the past 5 years. She now sees my mother and is helping her recover. My mother was convinced she needed another knee surgery because of the constant pain she was feeling and her impaired ability to walk correctly. MK met her and was convinced she didn't need surgery and that She could fix her. Within a matter of 2 months, MK has her walking completely normal and my mom hasn't felt so great in years.

I give the Gift of MK to all of my clients and they all love her just the same. The only downside to her service is you will not want to see another therapist after seeing MK. Give her just one try and she will impress every time!"

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